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2 Gallon Glass Pitcher With Lid

This 2-gallon glass pitcher with lid, handle, and jug is perfect for your sun tea needs. It is made with high-quality materials and come with a spigot for! Xing. This pitcher is perfect for either small or large containers.

2 Gallon Glass Pitcher With Lid Walmart

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2 Gallon Glass Pitcher With Lid Ebay

This 2 gallon glass pitcher with lid juice carafe is a great addition to your vintage anchored by hocking ribbed bee hive and is perfect for your home wine or juice need. The anchor hocking ribbed bee hive glass juice carafe has a coordinating lid for ease of misuse and is made of sturdy glass for long lasting use. this two gallon glass pitcher with lid is perfect for your beverage needs. It is made from clear glass and has a silver spout. It is perfect for hot or cold drinks, and can be used as a pitcher or jug. It is also perfect for storage. This pitcher is perfect for small batches or large quantities of drinks. this 12-gallon jug is perfect for your cold beverage needs. The stylish design and. this 2 gallon glass pitcher with lid is perfect for your drink dispenser. It is made of heavy-gauge glass and has a mason jar design for easier auth. It is great for your home bar or restaurant. The high-quality construction makes this pitcher a perfect choice for any drink dispenser.