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5 Gallon Glass Jars With Lids

This 5 gallon jar with lid canister is perfect for storing your trickle of products. It's sturdy and perfect for small businesses, the perfect size withlid. Org ecommerce.

5 Gallon Glass Jar With Lid

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5 Gallon Glass Jars With Lids Ebay

This 5 gallon glass jar with lids is perfect for holding your food. It has a wide mouth and the lid is secured with a twin bubble airlock. These products make a great addition to your kitchen kitchenette and can be used for food or baking. This 2 gallon glass jar with lid is perfect for storing your dry goods in need of a hard time storing in your fridge or pantry. The clear container makes it easy to find what you're looking for. It is made of sturdy plastic and has a comfortable fit for easy transport. The jar is easy to follow to put together and is easy to clean. This jar is a great option for store your goods in small spaces or for keeping your coffee beans in fresh condition. New usa. This jar is perfect for herding cats or keeping food close, just like a regular old jar!