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Cardboard Storage Boxes With Lids

Our storage boxes are perfect for holding your cards, keeping your cards safe and easy to work with. Our storage boxes are cardboard with lids, making them easy to keep clean. Our storage boxes are high-quality, durable materials that will last long.

Heavy Duty Cardboard Storage Boxes With Lids

This is a must-have storage box for any heavy-duty job. It comes in different colors and designs to suit your needs. You can choose to options from large, small, or extra large. It has a built-in lid that makes it easy to keep your tools safe and easy to access. And if there's ever a fire, your tools right at your fingertips!

Storage Boxes With Lids Cardboard

This storage box is made of carded paper and has a zippered top for keeping cards out of the sun. It is large enough to store 1-2 cards, while still having a simple design. The box is alsoathanized with a green and redassian stripes, making it easy to tell from a normal box. this ikea storage box with lids is perfect for your home. It is gray-green and has a 13x9x6 size for an ideal solutions storage spot. The lid is a simple white paper with an ikea logo. This box is a great option for keeping your office organized and taking on the go. this colorful cardboard storage box with a floret-like design is perfect for holding your favorite photos, photos sheets or photos in a portfolio. The lid has afloral foil covered cardboard storage photo box with lid. Can hold one or two photos, the box is made of high-quality cardboard and has a flip-up lid. It is great for storing photos, photos sheets, or a portfolio, and is sure to be a favorite with friends and family. we have cardboard storage boxes with lids that are 10. 25x6 shades of green. They are easy to clean and can be used as a location forunsigned ingredients or as a security control for a new recipe.