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Microwavable Soup Mug With Lid

This microwave soup mug with lid is a great way to show off your chef skills and make aitizzle soup at the same time. This mug has a 22 oz. Capacity and is made of stainless steel with a black color. It has a high-quality material that is lightweight and also has a vented lid that makes it easy to get a close-up view of the soup.

Microwave Soup Bowl With Lid

Microwave soup bowl with lid this is a delicious and easy to make microwaves soup bowl with lid. It's perfect for keeping your soup cold for t20s or quick and easy to clean.

Microwave Soup Cup With Lid

This microwave soup cup has a 22 oz mug that is vented with a 2-pack of chef's pride sets. The lid is made from translucent mesh which allows for easy this is a great for those that love microwaving their soup. The 22. 1 oz. Sistema microwave soup mug has a 2. 8 cup capacity and is medium-sized. It is also bpa free and has a self-adhesive lid. This mug is perfect for that desired hot soup experience. this microwave ceramic soup bowl with lid is a great addition to your microwave. It is also microwave safe. The bowl has a vintage 1992 design and is made of ceramic. This bowl is a great tool for stirring up a bowls of soup or rice. It is also great for washing dishes or using as apotential meal service bowl. microwavable soup mugs are perfect for any kitchen emergency. With lids that are bpa free, they're perfect for eating out or as a snack. These mugs also come with a bowl and cup for easy convenience.