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Pyrex 9x13 Glass Baking Dish With Lid

This oblong baking dish from pyrex is a 3-quart glass baking dish with a red lid. It isodo mbt has the perfect weight and size for many standard baking recipes. The pyrex dish is also easy to clean.

Pyrex 9x13 Glass Baking Dish With Lid Target

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Best Pyrex 9x13 Glass Baking Dish With Lid

This pyrex dish is perfect for your next baking project. The lid makes it easy to clean and you can control the size of your dish by looking at the handle. The art nouveau design is perfect for a modern kitchen and the clear lid makes it easy to see what you're working with. this is a basic pyrex dish that has a red plastic lid. It is oblong in shape with a 3. 4 inch diameter and a 9 inch length. It is made of metal and is measuring 9x13 inches. this pyrex dish has a red lid with a small dent. It is a 9x13 inch dish with a large base. The dish is made of clear pyrex and has a large amethyst glass caddy with a dent in the middle. The dish is nearly two feet long and is made of deep blue pyrex. It is trimmed with black and white pyrex. The lid is black and white pyrex with a small dent. This pyrex dish is perfect for baking in a baking dish or barrel. It is made of thick, heavy-walled glass and has a high-quality feel to it. The lid is easy to grab with one hand, making it a general-purpose dishwasher as well.