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Rectangular Basket With Lid

This stylish laundry basket with lid is perfect for carrying your clothes and tools with you when you leave them at home. The od color is versatile and can be used for general cleaning or to create a unique hallway atmosphere in your laundry room. The large size is perfect for a/c laundry, and the included hamper makes it a easy and quick way to handle your laundry. The basket also includes a white door to store clothes outside of the sun.

Tall Rectangular Basket With Lid

The challenge of designing a taller stylish basket was lost in the selection process.

Rectangle Woven Basket With Lid

This rectangle woven basket with lid is a great way to organize and store your clothes. It is non-woven fabric that makes a great option for home organization. The basket has a foldable structure that makes it easy to carry and store. The basket has a lid that allows you to keep track of your clothes. this wooden lid for an rectangular longaberger basket wagon design by thimble wood is long and has a fit for a small child or adult. It is made of hardwood andvm decorative. this vintage bradford basket company maple splint woven storage basket liner is tall and narrow, and is made of wicker. It has a lid, and is made from a mix ofuminum and brass. It is likely that this basket will hold a lot of gear, fromatted sales this large rectangular basket with lid is a beautiful addition to any setting. It is made from wood and woven into a complex pattern, it will add a touch of sophistication to any décor.