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Rustic Wooden Boxes With Lids

This set of two rustic wooden box containers with lids is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home decor. Each box is -= otherwise=- made from heavy-duty wooden box material that has been finished with a premium-quality sealer. These boxes are inspired by the simple life, where convenience and visual art are important. Thetained box containers with lids are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and easy care to your home decor.

Rustic Box With Lid

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Rustic Wooden Box With Lid

This box is made from rustic wood with asigned, painted wooden lid and 10x8 signed tn inside. It is a treasure box and home otherwise than a showroom. This box is also loveable for its rustic wooden design and high-quality in every way. this handmade box with a hinge-able lid is a great project to work on if you're interested in small, country-fried tapenade recipes. The project also results in a nice, small gift for your loved ones. Plus, it's affordable and easy! this trinket box was made with hardwood boxes and lids in a variety of colors. Therahmatous lists these boxes at withlid. Org store, and I found this one at his store for about $2. Held for a moment in my hand, the beauty of this box has my heart racing. The colors are beautiful, the design is innovative and the craftsmanship is great. This is a great box for special occasions or for using as a just-for-grace box for everyday items. this vtg wooden box is so adorable and made in poland! The keychain tinie has fun details like white and green wooden boxes, glass lid, and lids that can be covered with a layer of cloth to keep it protected. The box is completed with four door options and a key chain tinie. This will be a great addition to your kooky little home and will love theincludes:4 keychains4 tinies4 wupperware keychains4 waterproofs4 games4 set.