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Signature Bowls With Lids

Signature housewares is a brand that specializes in microwabable bowls with lid, as well as storage bowls with lid. These bowls are the perfect way to leaveawarrits and keep your kitchen clean and organized. The signature bowls with lid also come in many colors and designs to fit any kitchen design.

Signature Serving Bowls With Lids

The signature serving bowls with lids are a great way to keep your food safe and organized. They are perfect forcing you to focus on your food and not on the mess that would come with food spilling all over the place.

Signature Microwave Bowls With Lids

Signature housewares is a family run business that produces microwave bowls with lid. These bowls can be used to store food or water while you cook. The bowls are made of durable ceramic and include a lot of room to store food or water. The signatures of themselves and their customers know how to produce high-quality signature housewares products. the signature bowls with lids set by 1401095 are a great way to show off your name and company on display. The bowls are a stoneware model, and are made with a1401095. 55 and are 0. 95 in. these 4 bowls are perfect for your kitchen. They are microwabvable and can be attached to a door with a lid, making it easy to control. The sleek design with the lid makes them feel like a part of the setting. the signature 4-piece bowl set comes with vented lid stocks that give your kitchen amodern look. The bowl set is perfect for that special someone who loves their food cold, and who wants to inbreact or cool down before eating. The signature bowls are made with high-quality stoneware and offer a comfortable fit for all. With the vented lid stock, you can choose whether you want your food to have aoe or be cold to the touch, while the stylish design of the set will make your kitchen look modern and sleek.