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Yokohama Studio Bowl With Lid

The yokohama studio bowl with its unique steam lidmicrowave and dishwasher-safe interior, is the perfect way to serve up your cooking ingredients without having to carry around a casserole dish. Plus, the sleek design is sure to turn a room into a what-are-you-sesting? -Show. With a choice of brown, green, or black finish, this bowl is perfect for any kitchen.

Best Yokohama Studio Bowl With Lid

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Yokohama Studio Bowl With Lid Ebay

This yokohama studio bowl with steam lid is one of our most popular pieces. The bowl is hand-painted with love in the beautiful blue white style. The cover is covered innumerous hand-paint strokes of white and blue. The bowl is then filled with food and cooked on the stove. this studio bowl with lid is from yokohama studio and it is blue and white floral design with steam lid. It is perfect for making art or painting. the yokohama studio bowl with steam lid is a great dishwasher safe option for homes with a small kitchen area. The bowl can hold a lot of paint and is easy to clean. The bowl also has a microwave-safe dishwasher-safe lid that makes it easy to top up the bowl with new paint. this is a hand-painted bowl from the yokohama studio in yokohama, it is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. It has a steam lid, so it can be cooked on the stove or in the oven.